Sunday, August 24, 2014

6 Steps To Caring For Your New Virgin Hair Extensions

First of all I'd like to recommend purchasing your hair and getting all of your hair care needs taken care of here at Salon Chanterre By Eric.  If that isn't possible please follow these few steps to ensure the long lasting life of your virgin hair.   

1. Always try to seal the weft of your hair and co-wash it upon arrival.  This cleanses, gives more bounce & body and prevents unnecessary shedding (shedding is minimal but does happen as it is real human hair just as our own, so anything you expect from your natural hair, expect from virgin hair.  It's up to you to take care of it by following these steps)

2. Always comb the hair from the tips to the roots in small sections to get rid of tangles with a  wide tooth comb. 

3. Wash the hair every 1-2 weeks. Virgin hair gets product & oil buildup just as our own so it’s important to keep it clean. Try mixing a bit of Keracare 1st lather (to strip the hair of any product) with the hydrating detangling shampoo (to keep it moisturized and soft) this keeps the hair from drying out & easier to detangle.

4. Deep condition after washing to keep the hair soft and healthy with Keracare Humecto conditioner.   Let it soak into the for 15 minutes before rinsing out with cold water.

5. Try to reduce the amount of heat your hair is exposed to by air-drying instead of blow-drying. After curling on low heat (using a heat protector) or roller setting the hair, try pin curling or rolling it with flexi-rodds (bendable rollers) at night to maintain your style. If you are wearing a wavy or curly type pattern to the hair you may try plaiting it or leaving it out but ALWAYS  wear a silk bonnet or loose scarf on your head while sleeping,

6.  Avoid heavy or oily products, as it will weigh down the hair. A SMALL drop of argon or lavender oil helps keep it frizz-free and soft.  (do not use oil if you are wearing fusion hair extensions!) in this case try using an oil free glossifier

If you have any questions or are unsure of a product please contact me at or reach out to someone who specializes in hair extensions for additional virgin hair care tips.  (famous quote.....The only stupid question is the one not asked)


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